What is your favourite day? Tell us about it!

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my favourite day is  9 agust!!!!!!!!!

My favourite day is monday because on that day in school I have my art period and my favourite subject is art.

I like my birthday because it is the day I get lot's of presents and it is the day I was born .I get to do what I want, nobody tells me what to do and it is when I become a year older . I get to have parties with cakes,hats,balloons and friends coming over and wishing me a happy birthday.
So that is why I like my birthday. 

My favourite day is my Birthaday and it rocking and rolling till i get Cake

my name is Reentika
my   favourite days are sat. and fri.
because i can watch t.v. all night

my favorite day is monday and thursday, because its my fasting time in a week

"I hate Mondays." ~ Garfield

hahaha that's true!

my favorite day is 15 January because it's my birthday and I get a presnt

My favorite day is Saturday, that's the day me and all my brothers and sisters meet and play togheter! :)