What is your favourite day? Tell us about it!

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my favourite day is in  wednesday and saturday

Hi everyone..........
i am Mayank. My favourite day is SUNDAY because every sunday is a holiday.

 my favourite day is sunday there is a  holiday . my birthday was in tuesday ................. .

 My Favourite Day Is April Fools Day

preferring my birthday is Saturday and Sunday

my name is Shahed and my favorite day is ramadan because iam muslem. :)  :D

Hi my name is Ayça and from Turkey.İstanbul.My favorite day is saturday,it's weekeds first day!

My name is Dalya.
My favourite day is 7 Jen.This day is a my birtdayand New year my favourite day.I live in Turkey and live in the İstanbul.

my favourit day is friday 
becouse i am muslim

My favourite days is Friday and saturday. My birthday is 9 December that is also my favourite day.