What is your favourite day? Tell us about it!

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Hi,I'm  from  Thai land. My name is  Tanongsak  nick name Bee
My  favounite  day is Thursday because   It' s my  birthday.

Hi my name is Irene.My favourite days are Saturday,  Christmas , New Year's Eve and New Year's Day and of course my birthday on 3rd January!!

Eid is my favourite day.

i m daksh .my favourite day is saturday because on saturday i can go to park 
next morning

My name is Kaashvi. My favorite day is Friday because its the last day at school and we have two holidays after that.

I am Harshil. My favorite day is Sunday because it is a holiday.

hi i am manya .
my favourite day is Tuesday because it is exam day and i love to do that


I am from Slovenia.
Slovenia is small country in Europa.

My favourite day is 15.8. or the fifteenth of August because I was born.

This day is  Christian feast. 

Goodbye , Domen

my favourite day is in  wednesday and saturday

Hi everyone..........
i am Mayank. My favourite day is SUNDAY because every sunday is a holiday.