What is your favourite day? Tell us about it!

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My favorite day is fridey.Is friday because it is a day when week.

Hi ! Im Aysel.I live in Turkey. Yes ,ı am a Turkey girl but ı really know english.My favourite day is monday.Because my birthday is Monday.

  • My favourite day is Friday because I have rythmic gymnastics and I get the prize of the week (if I have been good all week, Mommy and Daddy give me a prize). Also, I have music class and PE.

 Hi everyone!!!!!!!!

My favourite day is Sunday because I am an altar girl! I'm so happy! I like going to church. I love Friday too because I have gym at school and I go to volleyball!!! I love sport!


If you are talking about week days...Um, I like...: FRIDAY the most! Well, we can rest that day, so yeah, I don't know why but there are some people don't like Friday, I mean, what's the matter?????

 my favorite day is christmas night  

My favourite day is Halloween because I eat sweets and invite friends !!!!!!!!!! ♥

My favourite day is Monday. I will go to cinema with my parent

My favourite day is my country anniversary, cause my country has been in wars for so long. If we don't have this day, my country is not the S country - Vietnam.

I love Friday I don't now why...... Maybe because or the words Friday........