What is your favourite day? Tell us about it!

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My favorite day is Saturday because I don't go to school.

My favourite day is Sunday because I go to a chorus and I sing.

Hello I am Captain Lute Birthday,
My favourite day of the week is Sunday because it is the 1st day
in a week. I know about many days and some of they are special days.
In this year, my birthday is on Wednesday.

Hello i am blueplastic2 my favorite day is my birthday

my favorite day is monday because I have different clases


My favorite day is fridey.Is friday because it is a day when week.

Hi ! Im Aysel.I live in Turkey. Yes ,ı am a Turkey girl but ı really know english.My favourite day is monday.Because my birthday is Monday.

  • My favourite day is Friday because I have rythmic gymnastics and I get the prize of the week (if I have been good all week, Mommy and Daddy give me a prize). Also, I have music class and PE.

 Hi everyone!!!!!!!!

My favourite day is Sunday because I am an altar girl! I'm so happy! I like going to church. I love Friday too because I have gym at school and I go to volleyball!!! I love sport!