What is your favourite day? Tell us about it!

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My name is Y.T. Chan. I am 11 years old. I come from Hong Kong. My favourite day is Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year is in January. It is holidays to go to China to visit family and eat Chinese food. I like eating rice dumplings and watermelon seeds. My family gives red packets to me. My friends give cards to me. I feel happy. My family cleans home. Next, we go shopping to buy a lot of lovely clothes and firework. I feel happy. I want every day is like Chinese New Year.

Y.T. Chan from Hong Kong

I am Eddie, I am 10 years old, I come from Hong Kong. My favourite day is Christmas. Every Christmas, we have a party in school, we eat food, play games and sing songs. I like the jelly specially! Jelly is not the only food, there are cakes and a lot of potato chips, too! In the party, we can exchange the presents too. In 2008, I have got a Gundom model.. I feel interested.

Eddie from Hong Kong

I am Sam. I am seven years old. My favourite day is Christmas. On Christmas day, I play TV game. I go to Macau and I play slide.

I do not eat my favourite food - chocolate. I do not wear my green favourite clothes.

Sam from Hong Kong

Hi, my name is Rayson, I am eleven years old. My favourite day is summer holidays in July. Last summer holiday, I went camping with my friend Edwin. We went camping in Sai Kung. We went to the park and played the ball game. I like eating all the food, for example, duck, chips, beef…My favourite food is chicken.

Rayson from Hong Kong

I am Libby. I am from Hong Kong. Chinese New Year is on January or February. We have reunion dinner, we will eat fish, meat, tang yuan…… We usually have deep-fried puffs, rice pudding, dumplings and candies, too! Children will also have red packets from adults. Everyone will watch fireworks and buy new clothes. Everyone feels happy!

Libby from Hong Kong

Christmas is on 25th December. My family decorates my house and Christmas tree. In 2008, my family went to see beautiful Christmas lights. My family went to a party and ate turkey and cakes. I gave presents to my friends. I sang Christmas songs. I gave Christmas cards and played games with my friends. My family felt happy. Anson

Anson from Hong Kong

I am Anna. I am seven years old. I live in Hong Kong. I like favourite day is Mid-Autumn Festival. It is in October, play lanterns with cousins and eat moon cake, see the moon. I feel happy.

Anna from Hong Kong

My name is Tommy. I am from Hong Kong. I am 11 years old. I like running and watching TV. My favorite food is bananas. My favorite day  is Chirstmas. It is on the twenty- fifth of December. At Christmas, I get more presents and give presents to my friends. I get a lot of presents, such as TV games, a mobile phone, cakes……and we send Christmas cards and receive the Chirstmas cards. We go to Christmas parties and play some games. Then, we eat a lot of tasty food, such as pizza, pies, crisps, chocoalate…… This day, I feel very happy!

Tommy from Hong Kong

My favourite day is my birthday. In 2009 I had my party on the same day as my real birthday. It was in a disco room called Magic Moments. There is a room downstairs that is called the Fairy Cave and I had my fourth birthday party there. My family and friends gave me lots of really good presents this year. A friend called Maeleine gave me a great toy dog and I got a Bratz doll from Uma and lots of books from my family. Mum and Dad also gave me ascooter and a bike and some lollies.

That night we had a barbecue and my best friend Chloe came over with her mum and dad and sister Sarah. My mum baked a chocolate cake that was shaped like a number seven. It had smarties on it. I love birthdays!

Sophie from Australia

Hi! My name is Jamilya and I’m 10 years old. I’m from the UAE. My favorite day is my birthday because I’ve lots of fun then. The best birthday party was in 2009. I celebrated it in the best hotel of the UAE called Burj Al Arab. There was no music at that moment but everything was very nice and very tasty food, especially I liked my birthday cake it was shaped like a square with my last birthday photo in Jumeirah Beach Hotel. I had lots of presents, sweets and chocolate. Many people came to my birthday party: my father’s friends, the whole family and, of course, my best friend Maria. She gave me a box of Patchi sweets. My family gave me a computer! 

Jamilya from the UAE