What is your favourite day? Tell us about it!

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 Hi, we are a Primary 3 class in Scotland. We found out through voting that our favourite day is Christmas Day. There are lots of reasons for this. Emma says she likes Christmas because you get to remember Jesus and you get lots of presents. Robbie Likes Christmas because he gets to go out with family. Holly likes Christmas because it’s exciting to wake up on Christmas morning and see your presents. Harry loves all the good food you get at Christmas. Matthew likes it because you get lots of money and cards. Gavin H loves the advent calendar which counts down to Christmas Day. Ruby loves to sing Christmas songs. Ellie loves the school performance at Christmas time. Isaac loves it as he hopes every year is a white Christmas with lots of snow. Ayesha likes Christmas because it is her birthday. Reegan   loves snow and presents. Lewis loves to visit family. Dixie gets to see her Dad at Christmas. Erin likes to slide in the snow.

These are the reasons why we think it’s the best time of year!!!!!!
Thank you for reading our letter.

I have got to admit that I love everyday the same. Monday just because it is the calmest day. Tuesday just because it starts with my favourite letter. Wednesday because it is half way through the week. Thursday because one day to go than I sleep forever. Friday because it is the final school day for two days. Saturday because no school and I get to see my dad. Sunday because I get to see my step-fathers family.
But in holidays it is completely different...

Hi, I'm Emma.I'm form Vietnam. I like english too. My favorite day is monday and thursday.

Hi! My name is Andreea, I'm 10 and I am from Romania.

My favorite day of the year is Easter. It is celebrated on an April Sunday and it lasts for 3 days. I go to church to sing songs and at 12 AM we take the light.
Me and my family eat painted eggs and we wait for the Easter Bunny to come and bring chocolate eggs and bunnies and other sweets. Mother cooks cozonac (sweet bread with nuts, cocoa and turkish delight), lamb roast with green salad and tomatoes, pasca (sweet bread with eggs and cheese filling). I like it when we knock the eggs against each other and my egg wins and we say Hristos a Inviat! (Jesus is resurrected) and the other person answers Adevarat a inviat! (He truly is resurrected).

Easter is a very beautiful celebration for me and my family!

I must say Sunday.  I can play with my friends whole day without any tension of getting ready early for school. Also my mom generally never disturbs me on Sundays.

I like Sundays because I can stay in bed all morning if I want to!

my favourite is sunday !

my favourite subject is dance!

Hi, my favorite day is Friday

Hi everybody! My favourite day... I LoVe every day!!!!! I live here and know!!!