What is your favourite day? Tell us about it!

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my favourite day is when
i played lego batman and lego star wars
with my friend ashneel 
and i want to shout out to my friend ashneel,tehina , aslan and trindall

hi i am new and my name is Rohan.

My favorite day is Sunday, because I relax all day

My name is can.I am from TURKEY.My favourite days of the week are Thursday and Sunday.I like Thursdays because I go to my basketball class.I like Sundays because I go and visit lots of places.
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Hey, my favorite day is Saturday because then I can relax. But i like Mondays and Tuesdays too. 
It is because the scool start at Mondays and I like school and Tuesdays because
I've got guitar training and I love it. 

I'm from Viet nam.  My favorite day of the week is Sunday because I haven't to go to school and wake up late. I sometime pay a visit to grandparents. That would be great.

Hi i am from Pakistan i am 7 years old  my favorite day is birthday  and Eid becuase we get money and wear new clothes!

 Hi ..
 What is your favourite day?
 My favourite day is thursday and friday .. Becaus its the weekend ..

hello ! my name is glasssongangel .i'm from tunisia .my favourite day is saturday and sunday .

 Hello, my name is Phuong Ha. I'm from Vietnam. My favorite day is Christmas because I can have some presents at Christmas.