What is your favourite day? Tell us about it!

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My favourite day is my birthday.

My favorite day is Thai new year(Water Festival or SongKran day).
It was very fun!!!!

hi my name is dhanaswi and i am from india and my favourite food is pizza and chiken burger but my favourite traditinal food is samya .... and my birthday is august 18 and i born in india and corrently uk, england , london...

My favorite day is :thursday because  my first lesson is sport then music then two  hour art.
I love sport and art and music(dancing)

Hi Gabriel im Emily with romania you have a beautiful name.Blue Tree90

I love friday beacase wen its saturaday i nomaly go to partys !

I have three favourit days:

  1. Monday-Because I have classes
  2. Wednesday-Because I have swimming class
  3. Friday-Because I have swimming class too


my favourite day is when
i played lego batman and lego star wars
with my friend ashneel 
and i want to shout out to my friend ashneel,tehina , aslan and trindall

hi i am new and my name is Rohan.

My favorite day is Sunday, because I relax all day