What is your favourite day? Tell us about it!

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hello my name is ipek. I'm 8 years old . my favourite day are saturday and sunday .
because the school holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i ar een kids

I love FRIDAY?

  1. why do u like friday why dont u like...
  2. thursday...
  3. wednesday...
  4. tuesday...
  5. monday
  6. friday only

Hi my name Gia!

My favourite day is my birthday and Christmas because in both days we get presents, eat delicious food and celebrate someones birthday.

hi i'm zainab and i am from india.i am now in my hometown hydrabad , but i live in ksa.my favourite day is id because it always comes twice in a year.

cooooool !!!!

my favourite day is everyday when I am happy and healthy:)

Hi.Mynames Martynas!