What is your favourite day? Tell us about it!

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My name is Silvia
I am from Mexico
My favorite day of week is sthurday
Because i rest in my house,
I go to the swiminng pool and
I go to the park

 my favorite day is saturday and sunday
i cant live without that day

My favourite day is Friday,because it's the beginning of the weekend and I can do everything I like .I watch TV,I play computer games ,I visit my grandparents .

My name is Linh. I'm from Vietnam. My favorite day is my birthday on 26th March

Hi, Linh! Could you answer me? I'd like to have friends and talk about something. Please, answer me.

 Hi Bright Rock Chopstick!
Let's become friends!
P.S. What's your real name?

My favorite is my birthdays and new year eve. At the new year I can play computer. And my birthdays I can go to the swimming pool . The things like I to do most is swimming . In summer every weekend I have to go swimming , or I just can't take it. When is my birthday, we bring pizza,cola,chips. The most important people in the party is ME!

Hi Lida . My name is Minh I will make friend with you . I'm from Vietnam. My faveourite day is Friday, Saturday and Sunday

 Hi Young Glass 2!
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hi my name is Lina and I am from Tunisia. I would like to have friends.
My favourite day is my birthday because I get presents