What is your favourite day? Tell us about it!

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your birthday will not be on friday every year

Hello! My name is Duyen. I come from Vietnam.
My favorite day is Sunday. In this day, I can play computer, read books and comic, watch TV, play musiccal instrument... and do every thing I want to do. I don't need to study or do my homework. I like Sunday because it is my own day. No ones can tell me do anything I don't like. In the evening, I usually go out with my family or my friend to eat something or play in the amusement park. Those are my reason about why do I like Sunday?
I hope to be friend of everybody in here.

My name is Abida
I am from India
My favorite day of week is Friday
Because i rest in my house,
I go to the swiminng pool and
I go to the park

 MY favorite day is friday. I want this day because I love to school too. In the afternoon there are great things to do, like art and games. And in the evening I eating snacks and watching TV. And its the last day at school every week!

Hi! my name is Nhan. I am from vietnam .My favorite day is Saturday because I can visit my grandfather 's farm, then I go swimming in the afternoon. I love weekends!

 Ok, hi Nhan. I'm from Vietnam, too. Where do you live in Vietnam? And where is your grandfather's farm. I think it's a beautiful place. We will become friends together, ok?

My   favorite     days    are   friday   and   saturday.
I  go  to   swim.
I   go  to   the     church.
My      name     is    Karla   i  am   from  Mexico. 

welcom   karla  .... ^_^...
i love the people of mexico.....
my name danny

My name is Silvia
I am from Mexico
My favorite day of week is sthurday
Because i rest in my house,
I go to the swiminng pool and
I go to the park

 my favorite day is saturday and sunday
i cant live without that day