What is your favourite day? Tell us about it!

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everyday is my best day because on monday i do P.E,on tuesday i do P.E and olympics trainig,on wednesday i do reading to change my book,on thursday i go lego club,on friday golden time,on saturday i rest and on sunday i go to church

hello my favourite of the week is monday and friday :)

 Hi there!
I'm Tatjana,I'm from Serbia.
I don't have a favourite day, because every day is ma favourite day! 

Hi !! My favourite days are Friday and Monday

My favourite day is Friday! Is Friday because it is a day when week end begin's : )

 gooddddddd myy favorite day is friday i love friday !

hello, i'm Danily and my favorite day is december 31 because is new year... i love new year!!!!!!!!

I live in Israel. hi .

 my favorite day is friday

Hi!!!    My favorite  day is WEDNESDAY