Do you like fast food? How often do you eat fast food? What's your favourite type of fast food?

Your Turn: Fast Food
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I wery like fast food.

I love fast food.I often eat fast food when after the schooltime. My favourite types of fast food is Burger. Because it's have salad, steak, tomatoes and the bread outside. They're both yummy!

I really like fast food.I eat it very rarely.My favorite fast food is french fries.

Yse? I like fast food. I eat fast food once in week. My favorite type of fast food is pizzac

I don't like fast food . But sometimes l can eat french fries.

Sometime i eat fast food. My favourite fast food is fried chicken and French fries.

I like fast food . Because it is fast.(Just joking)

I'am BlueWind
I like fast food. Because it is yumme,but i don't ussualliy eat fast food.

My like fast food alot . I like pizza and hamburgur but my favorite is hot dog and nachos