Have you got any brothers or sisters or are you an only child? Have you got lots of cousins, aunts and uncles? Tell us a little about your family.

Your Turn: Family
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hi my family is 6 . i have 1 brother he is 2 month 2 sisters one of them is seven and the other is 2 years .
i have 7 kosens
i have 9 uncles

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My family is 3 brothers hadley venture and urban. Im Mollie no sises a mum called kara and a dad christphor. people call my dad normally chris its shorter. charlie-ann is my friend is like shes in my family but not were like twins my bff and i were having a sleepover in half turm 3 weeks or so im going to her party this week sunday 6th of october her birthday was on strike action 1st of october can not then her family coming round my birthday having sleepover party charlie-ann olivia i think and can not decide on 3rd


I have a big  family my Dad     i s  the  best .         I     love  My   Dad .     My   MuM  is  the  best  I  love my  mum
My  sister  is  the  best  I love  My  sister .  My  brother is the best .

Hey everybody . My from is Turkey,I'm Turkhis. My age is 12 . IThre are 4 person in my family. 

My mom is Havva. She is 35 years old.  She likes cooking and reading a book. She is homewife.

My dad is Ahmet. He is 40 years old. He is captain. He likes swinging and playin football.

My bro is Mahmut. He is 8 years old. He is student. She likes playing footbal and doing a homework.

My name is Fatma. I'm 12 years old :) I'm student. I like playin volleyball and playin computer games. 

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Hi Everyone!
My name is Tehreem, I'm 11 years old and I am from Pakistan. I have got 3 brothers, Umair - 14 years,
Bilal - 7 years, Ali - 6 years. But I don't have any sister...:(.
My father works in a office and my mother was a teacher before.
From my mother's side I have one uncle and five aunts. And from my father's side, I have one uncle and one aunt..
I also have many cousins but most of all I like Minahil. She is only 4 months older than me,
so we are pretty good buddies...but now she has moved to America and
I miss her A LOT!!.....

My name is Charlotte, I am 9 years old. I have two sisters older and two younger brothers twins. My sisters are Emilly and Zoe, Emily is 22 and Zoe is 19. My brothers are Gabriel and Samuel, they are 4 years old.
My parents are divorced.
I live with my mom, my brothers and my stepdad.
I spend the holidays with my dad and stepmom.
My sisters are in college.
I have a lot of uncles an aunts and also cousins.
I love so much my grandpas and my grandmas.
I have a big family....

My name is Christy.
I have four brothers!
Yes! Four!
And I don't have any sisters!.
My brothers' names are:
anthony-9 years old,
and frank-3.
I am eleven
and I am the oldest child in my family.
My mum's name is Martha,
and my dad's name is Michael.
I love my family very much!
I'll write about my cousins later
because my mum calls me
for lunch ; )