Have you got any brothers or sisters or are you an only child? Have you got lots of cousins, aunts and uncles? Tell us a little about your family.

Your Turn: Family
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Hello Bade,
I am Defne!

My dad is bigger than my mother. My dad is tallest than my family. My mother is bigger than me. I LOVE MY FAMİLY. I PUT THİNGS AWAY İN MY BED ROOM. I DO MY HOMEWORK. I GO TO CİNEMA WİTH MY FAMİLY. I WALK WİTH MY FAMİLY. I LİSTEN MY FAMİLY.

Hello, I have got a brother, his name is Nikita. I have got  a mother , her name is  Marina. I have got  a father his name Dima, and my name is Polina. I have got a big family!

hello my name is jakayla I have a bunch of counsins 1 brother and 5 sisters

Hi everybody!!! 
My name is Janis,I am 11 years old I have a great family .
I have a lovely sister call Emilie,She is 8 years old.
My dad is Alfred and my mum Mag .
I Iive with my mum and my sister in aunts house.
I have 8 cousins ,3 uncles,6 aunts and 3 grandparents . 
I love my family very very much !!!                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Hi,my name is Speranza.
I live with mum and dad. But I have a big family.
I have a brother , a lot of  cousins , uncles and aunties.
I often visit my granies.

I have one brother. I love him so much.  His name is Stojanche. Yes I have lot cousins, aunts and uncles. :-) 
My name is Ana, my brothers name is Stojance, my mums' name is Sofia and my dads' name is Pavle. I have one cousin in Dubai, like her. And other cousins are in my country, Macedonia. They are not to far away from me.  I have twelve cousins and I have 7 uncles and aunts. :-)
I love them so so so much. <3

Hi, My name is Hussein . I have 8 years old . I have 1 sister called Sara she have 5 years old . My mom name is Noran . she has 30 years old . And my dad name is Hassan he has 40 years old . I have 8 uncles . And a lot of cosuins . Good by

 My name is MOHAMMAD
 I live in QatarI am 11 years old.           

Hello my name is Lorinc .
I am 9 years old.
I am Hungarian.
I have 1 sister she is 13 years old. Her name is Anna.
I have 2 cousins :Kornel is 9 years old,and Levi is baby (born on the 14. 10. 2013.)
I like athletics and football.