Do you celebrate Easter? If so, what do you do? What's your favourite part of the Easter holiday? If not, what do you know about this holiday?

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Hello guys!
We calabrate sometimes easter
My family invite someone
and Then we it a turkey

Hi! My name is Mario and my favourite part of easter is the egg hunt! I don't have a garden but it's still the same if you are in the house! Also the easter bunny leaves gifts,when you are not looking BOOM! There are gifts in front of you it's not like christmas because Santa has a lot of money but the easter bunny dosen't have so much money so you can wish for something like a book or a cheap computer mouse! There are only 2 days until easter! For me! but other people already celebrated easter!

Yes, a bunny is very good and is Easter bunny is very big!!!

No, i don‘t celebrate Easter but i know abaut Easter a little bit. Firstly i know Easter Eg and Easter Rabbit and i know Easter is in spring.

In Poland we celebrate Easter. We prepare a easter breakfast on easter sunday. There is eggs, lamb made of butter, ham, bread, few salads and few other things. My favourite part of the easter holiday there are days off.

Yes, I do. I eat chocolates, lunch with my family, I see the procession and I participate in teh compass. My favourite part of the Easter is when I am with my family.

I celebrate Easter to and Christmas

Yes, we celebrate Easter.
We bake the Easter lamb. And we paint Easter eggs.
My favourite part is baking.

My name is Arina. I celebrate Easter. We buy Easter Bread, paint eggs , cook meat sausage. We put all food into the basket and early in the morning we go to church and bless it. After church we go to my granny’s. At my grandma’s we have a holiday meal . My favorite parts of the Easter holiday are fighting with eggs and eating Easter bread. Many many many years (1987) ago Christ rose from the dead and saved all people. This year we will stay at home because of COVID -19.

I don't know very well how people celebrate Easter in Spain because I don't celebrate it, but some people goes to see the processions and participates in eggs hunts.