Who does the cooking in your home? Do you like cooking? What types of things do you make?

Your Turn: Cooking
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In my family, my mother always cooks everydays. She is a good cooker. I like cooking very much. My mother sometimes teachs me cooking some foods. Now, i can cook spring roll. I want to became a excellent cooker.

My mum usually do the cooking but I try to help as well.
I love making desserts!

 i can cook the rice and jelly, cake, soup, rice soup, fruitcake, birthday cake, 
by afif    
bye says afif

Oh, i admire you.

I prepare my fruit papaya every day
Who prepares the food is my dad
I like to prepare what is my cereal, quesadillas, omelets, beans, hot dogs, hamburgers, sandwiches and nugets

my favourite food is.....everything !!!

I like cooking. At my home my mum cooks, sometimes my dad cooks pizza and pasta. Sometimes in my home dinner is at 09:00 of night. Sometimes in my home I cooks pesto sauce, I love pesto sauce.

Why you are like Doog????

my mum cooks at home. I like cook. I cook coconuts cookies...

You are lucky because you can cook.
By:Amandini (FlyingSunflowerPiano).