Who does the cooking in your home? Do you like cooking? What types of things do you make?

Your Turn: Cooking
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I like kebab,iskender!!!

My mother usually cooks for all our family.
My father bakes a tasty bread.
About me, I prepare delicious salades. 

 I love cooking with my mom.  Spaguetti, vegetable soup and she knows how to make bred too in the oven.

My favorite food is:

  • Chips
  • Rice
  • Frikandel
  • Chicken Nuggets
  • Cheeseburger
  • Noodles
  • Pizza
  • Cake

And much more!!!

 I like cooking a lot.
usually my mum cook for us, sometimes I help hear.
I make pizza,spanish and juice sometimes.

i cooked usually in every day...
i not like that but i shoud to do...
i cooked the deferent type of eat...

I like to cook to, cook is nice when u grow bigger u have to make ur own food:-)   
 I like to cook fried rice, burger and a birthday cake
                                              From aleya see ya

I can make lunch, eggs, pizza, ice cream! can you make ice cream?

I can cook two types of food( that's my best): Rice and omelet!
I have some question for you guys!

  • What is my favourite food?
  • What is your favourite food/
  • Which flavour of ice cream now is the most popular in the world?( Quite long question)
  • Which food almost kids like?

Who can answer my question i'll give them an A+++++++

In my family, my mother always cooks everydays. She is a good cooker. I like cooking very much. My mother sometimes teachs me cooking some foods. Now, i can cook spring roll. I want to became a excellent cooker.