Who does the cooking in your home? Do you like cooking? What types of things do you make?

Your Turn: Cooking
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Hello!DJTunePolo.I'm from Japan.How old are you?

I can bake  cookies. I and my brother love love love love cookies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Do you like cookies?

I like cooking bread with eggs.And i like cooking! 

i love cooking

 I can bake marble cake.

Usully, my mum cooks.

 My grandmother does the cooking in my home. My grandmother can cook very well.
Yes, I like cooking. I sometimes help my grandmother. And I like eating, too!!
I can cook:
-        gnocchi al ragù
-        pizza
-        chicken
-        vegetables (potatoes)
-        tiramisù

I like cooking with my mum .
My  sister like cooking french fries.

  • I love to cook
  • .I help my mom in cooking.
  • It is good to know how to cook.