Who does the cooking in your home? Do you like cooking? What types of things do you make?

Your Turn: Cooking
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I love cook. I like make custard cake and French fries.

My mom does the cooking in our home.Sometimes i help my mom to cooking cake.My moom cooks delicious manty.İ eat seven manty everytime.it made from meat, potatoes.onion and dough

My mom makes delicious and surprising food for me. I love cooking with my mom. My mom also makes rice for the family. And I really love cooking with my mom.

My mom does the cooking at my home.
I love cooking.
I only make pancakes at my home.
And sometimes I cook with my mom

I' m from Brazil , in my house my housekeeper cooks. Her name is Jaína. her food is delicious I like it. And in weekend my daddy and my mommy cook!! kisses

I like to cook and make cookies

Hi , My mom cooks at home
we cook food like chappati , curry and mostly Indian food .
I can make maggi , pasta and roti or chappati

Hello!!! in my home my mom cook and i like to cook.I can fried eggs.

We usually eat rice with meat, and vegetables, or sometimes we eat pasta, or pizza, or Vietnamese dishes!

My mom and my dad does the cooking. yes, I like cooking! But for help my mom(or my dad)to cooking, I just cooking cake!