What are your favourite clothes? Who chooses your clothes? How often do you get new clothes? Tell us about your clothes here! 

Your Turn: Clothes
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I'm going to bed now.

I'm 11 years old. Now I'm wearing my  blue und pink pyjama. I chooose my clothes myself. I get my new clothes on my birthday and at christmas.

Hello mates, I'm 7 years old. I'm now wearing a tank top and a pair of jeans, I'm gonna go shopping for some new clothes tonight. I really excited about it!

today, I am wearing a checked skirt and white blouse. this is my school uniform.I love it.

hello my name is feyza I'm having TÜRKİYEE I would like to speak to you reply me love feyza....

Today I'm wearing a blue T-shirt and white shorts. I'm wearing a brown sandal . I choose clothes for me ^-^

 today ı am waring white T-shirt and brown short...

today I'm wearing .White and black runners,a grey jeans and white t-shirt.

 today im wearing brown shirt and red with blue and red colour  pants

Today I'm wearing a light purple dress! I like to dress in pink, jeans and t-shirts!