What are your favourite clothes? Who chooses your clothes? How often do you get new clothes? Tell us about your clothes here! 

Your Turn: Clothes
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Hey! I'm wearing my black NORTH FACE jacket some navy sweatpants (I REALLY don't like how they look), and under my NORTH FACE jacket I'm wearing an abacrombie and fitch shirt (Its yellow!)

i am wearing a purple dress and a bright purple blouse.

i'm wearing a T-Shirt

I'm wearing pink T-shit and black jeans! :DD 

creative! I'd never think of that!

hi :) I'm wearing school uniform :D. 
Another is white sweatshirt and jean.
-inTurkey -fromBlueT-shirtTurtle :)

 Hi :) Witch school do you go to? I have the same school uniform.

today I`m wearing:
pink jeans and grey and  white T-shirt and white jacket...

Today im wearing a green hello kitty top with spotty shorts these are my bed clothes but for skwl today i wore a white tshirt with a black woolem waistcoat a maroon fleece greyyish/black tights and my black shorts i also wore my black biker boots night everyone!!

I 'm wearing a blue T-shirt.