What are your favourite clothes? Who chooses your clothes? How often do you get new clothes? Tell us about your clothes here! 

Your Turn: Clothes
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i like dress,skirt and gloves.
at the moment i am wearing a yellow dress.

i get cloths every year when my mom goes to any other countries she buys me lot even my dad i am now wearing a red sweater and a black jeans wow one of my fav

Go to the park, I am wearing red t-shirt and orange jeans. Go to the art class, I am wearing a dress. This dress has many rabbit king. But I always fancy the shirt and the pink jeans. My friend gave it for me.

My favourite clothes is a cardigan. My mother does. I get new clothes every month. I'm wearing a t-shirt and shorts.

 1. today i am wearing a frock . 2 . now i am wearing a pink frock with sky blue and violet flowers 3 . usually I  choose my cloths . 4 . i get new cloths at -- Eid , New year Day , Pohela Boishakh etc .

Hello, I`m Finnish girl. I am wering yellow jeans, a white, blue, yellow and green flover top and white, grey stripe socks. I choose my clothes. I dont really know how often i got new clothes, maybe every month, i gues.:)

I wear the dress that matches my mood...

 Today I'm wearing a pink floral short, a T-Shirt with roses at the bottom of the shirt and a scandal. I always choose my clothes my self.

My favourite cloths is.. short jeans! :)

 Hi every one in disscussion block,
my dear borhters and sisters

 Mostly i like to wear white siimple dress in as mostly Pakistani people wear. But today my mom gave peacpuff colour. Here is weather is going to be hot and all people like to be wear cotton white shuit and avoid to wear jeans and wollen suit. I like white colour because in hot wearther its save from hot weather and  its eye cathing colour. And most imoprtant behind to wear white colour is attracting other people.

Most of time my mum choose the suits for me because she is expert to select the good clothes. But i need jeans and shirt then i choose myself. Becuase its not our national suit. And i wear scandal and sleepers for out when i go for running and walk . I often buy and get on special oceans like wedding and festival.