What are your favourite clothes? Who chooses your clothes? How often do you get new clothes? Tell us about your clothes here! 

Your Turn: Clothes
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hi my name is Valeria,
I am wearing a violet t-shirt, and blue trousers .
I buy, with my mum, few clothes every month.
bye bye!

I'm wearing the same mud brown shirt and pants with bird poop for 7 weeks now

Hello from England! Today I am wearing a bright blue knitted jumper dress and black tights and dark blue leather french shoes.

Hello  my name is Batuhan I'm a Turkish child.I'm wearing black trousers and black t-shirt. :D

I am now wearing a skirt and top, a T-shirt on which was where I LOVE THAILAND. I choose my own clothes but sometimes for parties or events my mother chooses the clothes. I get most of my clothes from my brother or jemenden I know.



After I woke up I had a bath. Then I wore a blue cotton frock and a white wool overcoat with blue leggings. I also bought new clothes today. Now I am wearing a blue denim short and a green and white striped sleeveless top. I am going to change to night suit now.

Hi my name is Lauren,I'm wearing a beigh t-shirt with a Dalmation on the front with a ribbon and bright blue jeans!
P.S.It's always raining in my country!
Please replay soon!

 Hello! My name is Julia. Im from Spain. today im wearing a gray sweater and tracksuit pants.

Hi!     I´ m   from Spain .  I´m  wearing   black leggins and a blue jacket                                                                            !!!!! good bye !!!!!

Hi!!! I'm from Russia!!! Today I'm wearing a light - blue blouse and blue trousers.
I live in a house, not in a flat and we choose : will it be hot in our house,or not. And it's great!!!
P.S. : it's TERRIBLE weather in our town today!!!((((((((((((