What are your favourite clothes? Who chooses your clothes? How often do you get new clothes? Tell us about your clothes here! 

Your Turn: Clothes
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I'm wearing blue shirt and shorts my sneakers are white
Wanna be friends ?
P.S: I love clothes and shopping
I always get clothes !!

i wearing a pijamas,
i waering a skirt

I am wearing my favourite clothes. I am wearing blue jeans and a green blouse. My sneakers are white.

HeLlo My MoMy

I am wearing sleeveless shirt today because it is  very hot everyday in Malaysia!

Esperpento    have  a      blue      pullover     and   a    blue   tie.He   have   a   pircing
Lila      have      a      blue    and   white   dress    and      a      purple   and   green    necklace.she    has   lace.

I'm wearing a pink brocaded top and white pants :D

I'm wearing a blue OG suit and pink and silver sandals. :)

ı have got the school uniform, its green,orange and white