What do you eat at Christmas? What's your favourite Christmas food? Is there any Christmas food that you don't like?

Your Turn: Christmas Food
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I don't eat special Christmas food. In my family we eat pork, sausages, salad and sweets my grandma makes.

On Christmas day I eat turkey with no gravy. Turkey is my favourite Christmas food. I don’t like gravy made on Christmas.

I like ADANA KEBAP too but we ate chicken at Chrismas and this is my favourite Chrismas food..
I love every Chrimas food.

 fried potato`s ,spinach and cheese pie,slices of feta cheese,olives,country bread,holiday sweets,greek coffee,chistopsomo christmas  bread,chicken,lamb i live in greece

I aet mince pie, Christmas pudding, turkey, chicken,some kind of swaets that my granmum and my mum prepare.. .... IDK to much Christmas food to write. :( Does someone know?  I only know theese few.

i love cristmas

Ilike Christmas Food!


i want to wish merry Christmas for everybody  !
we don't celebraite  Christmas:(

     Merry  Christmas  And  a  Happy  New  Year.

I  eat  Turkey   and  Mince Pie  at   christmas.  My  Favourite  christmas  food   is  Turkey.  Yes   i  don't  eat  Sweets  

example  Cakes.



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