Do you celebrate Christmas where you live? What do you do on Christmas Day? Do you have a special lunch? Do you give presents to family and friends? What's your favourite part of the Christmas holiday? 

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We made cookies for Santa Claus at Christmas and celebrated it together.

yes we selebrate crismas i eat olivie this is tradition russian salad, no i dont give present i get present i like get present

I like Christmas because it is time for merry-making, getting presents. I always have holidays at Christmas time. I like when it snows. It is fun to make a snowman and play snowballs with my friends. It is an amazing festival. I think even teens and adults believe in miracles.

We celebrate Christmas where I live. We usually eat candy canes, gingerbread cookies or a cake. Sometimes I give my family some presents. The best present I ever received for Christmas was a toy monster. It was red and green. It could make a "roar" sound.
My favorite part of Christmas holiday is that I can make a snowman. First, I make the snowman's body that is very round. Then, I make the head. The head should be smaller than the body. Next, I get a carrot, some rocks, a hat and a scarf to decorate the snowman. After that, I stick 2 rocks onto the snowman's face to make its eyes. I also put the carrot for its nose and put some clothes on my snowman.
I really love Christmas and making the snowman because it makes me happy!

My family usually does'nt celebrate Christmas. But my parents alway give brother and me some presents on Christmas Day. We often visit my relatives and have a special lunch there. I'm really into Christmas Day because I don't need to do homework

We celebrate Christmas where I live. I have a party, get, give presents and eat on Christmas Day. I have a special lunch. I give presents to my family.

hi , i'm from mongolia i think you guys don't know where or what place it is . so in our country we don't celebrate christmas , because our country is buddhist country , we only celebrate new year name is Rochelle and I am from India...the best part for me and my brother is to decorate the Christmas tree on the Christmas eve and after that my favorable thing is to wait for the presents that we are going to have on 25th of December morning..

Hi everyone!
My name is Khue. I live in Vietnam. I study second class and I am 8 years old. In Christmas, I write one letter and to Santa. In my house, my dad buy one Christmas tree and put it in my room. At night, Santa go to my bed room and put a present under a Christmas tree. Morning, I see Santa's present. I am very happy.

Yes we celebrate. On Christmas day we check our presents we sing songs and we spend time with the family.Yes i give presents to family and friends and i always receive from them. I like when my family stays together and that's my favourite part at the Christmas holiday.