What chores do you help with at home? Which chores do you like doing? Are there any chores that you don't like doing? Which chores are easy?


Your Turn: Chores
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Wow AgentGreenGhost, it sounds like you are busy!
Well done for helping!

LearnEnglish Kids team

i am 6 aka 12    i have to feed my cats and feed my gold fish . and give my  cats freash water

I am 10 years old. 
These are my chores:
make bed
water plants
clean room with direction
set the table
clear the table
feed pets
help make dinner
put laundry in hamper
help wash car
help wash dishes
help load/empty dishwasher
rake leaves
take out the trash

 You are a good helper! Great!!!

Oh great!!

 I help my mother do the chores at home. I like to clean the table because it's very easy to do.I hate washing the dishes and washing the clothes.

I clean my bed room and I clean some times the leaving room
But I hit clean the bathroom
Dana 13 (:

My chores are cleaning my bedroom on Saturday, but I don't do it every Saturday ;)
Daría 11, Spain

i clean my home,
i always like to clean my room
i help my mom in everything

What chores do you help with at home? All chores are mandatory :)
Which chores do you like doing? I like to cook and clean up my cats litter box XD
Are there any chores that you don't like doing?
Yes is!
I do not like anything!
Which chores are easy?


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