Tell us all about carnival! Do you celebrate carnival in your country? How do you celebrate? Do you have a special carnival party? Do you wear a fancy-dress costume? Do you eat any special food? Do you have a day off school? 

Your Turn: Carnival
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No I don't celebrate in chirstmas. Christmas is my birthday. My family celebrate in New Year.

No, I Don't Celebrate It Uhhhh I Just Forgot What Is It

I don't celedrate!

We don’t celebrate Divaly like this in my country. My favourite days are New Year holidays . I think it’s an important time for families. We get together and exchange gifts.

Hi I am ForeverPharaohDigital in my country we don,t celebrate Carnival day only celebrate thing that other people in different country

Yes, we celebrate carnival in Argentina. Some groups of people make parades and we listen to music and dance. Once, I bought a bottle that threw tons of foam!! It was fun. When it's carnival we get two days off school! I love carnival!!!

We celebrate carnival in our country. We dance, we sing, we wear costumes, we jump like popcorn, we play with friends, we go to parties and throw a lot of confetti. We don't eat any special food. We have two days off school.

i love carneval. celebration for small kids, who eat nutella. i think all kids are small, like me and my friends .hahaha small kids

We celebrate carnival in my country. We celebrate with floats and dancing. We have a special carnival party. We wear a fancy dress costume. We eat special food. I have a day off school.

In my country whe get a day off school. We go out to the street dressed as what we want, boys and girls of each neighbourhood go out on floats and dance.
Me and some of my friends dressed in ower unicorn pijamas.
I like carnival a lot.
Its really fun!