When's your birthday? How do you celebrate your birthday? What's the best birthday present you have ever got?  What do you do at birthday parties?

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My birthday is in June 1st. I habe now 11 years. I wanted to make a pajama party but I don’t actually know if I will. For me the best present I can ever have is a book.

My birthday is on 10 December 2012. I celebrate my birthday with my family. My dad will buy a birthday cake for me and we will go to my cousin's house and celebrate together. I love all my presents especially my Aqua beads. I played with my cousins and my siblings at my birthday party. We really had so much fun. I just cannot wait for my next birthday.

Hi I'm Masal. I'm 9 Years Old. My birthday is on the 3th of January. I eat cake, I go out. This is how I celebrate my birthday. I like all of the birthday presents. I eat cake in the birtday parties.

My birthday is on 31 Agust my best priesent was a lego of 345 pices .

My birthday is sixteenth of October. I usually invite my grandparents and other family and my friends. The best present on birthday when I got was doll with a small baby and accesories. I play really good with my family and I eat a cake. I am a crazy:-)

my birthday is 8th march

My birthday is March 28th. I celebrate my birthday with my family and friends. Mi best present is drawing staff. I play with friends and open presents. I love my birthday!

My birthday is on October 16th. I celebrate by a pijama party with my friends. My favorite present is a big unicorn puppet .During my birthay I go crazy

I go crazy too

My birthday is on April 23.I celebrate my birthday with my family .My best present is a nintendo 3ds! Then i play with my brother and m y dad and mum yuppy!!!!!!!!!!!!