When's your birthday? How do you celebrate your birthday? What's the best birthday present you have ever got?  What do you do at birthday parties?

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Hi GoldSwan80
Thanks! you too

My birthday is December 7, I celebrate it with my family, I believe that everything I have received is the best, celebrate with my family and enjoy the day.

HI SillyHat300
I wish you had a good birthday
I born in December too ..but in 22 of it in 2008
how old are you ?
my best wishes
Gold swan 80

Hello my name is jory and my birthday is in april and i am 6 years old and my toy was bike and i have fun and i have a cake

Hi!I am Sawda.My birthday is on 15 January and I am 12 years old!

My birthday is in September 22 I selabrate with friends

My birthday is on 26 July! I celebrate my birthday in my house only with my family. My best present that i got is Nancy with make up!!! It's a present from my mum and my dad. Nancy is a doll with a beauty salon. I love it!!!! At birthday parties i play, i dance, i sing, i eat and i drink.

Hello! My birthday is on March, 5. On my birthday, I have a party! I celebrate my birthday with my friends and my family. I like to dance and play with balloons at birthday parties! I like chocolate and vanilla cake!

My birthday in the 27 may.We celebrate with our family.My best gift was a computer.We talk and play games.

hi, I'm kalel!
My birthday is in February,
I celebrate my birthday in my house.
My birthday presentes was a eletric skate modified into a kart.
At birthday parties I like to play nerf, eat cake with friends and play hide and seek.