Do you like barbecues? What kind of food can you cook on a barbecue? Where's a good place to have a barbie? When was the last time you had a barbecue?

Your Turn: Barbecues


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I can make banana smoothies

I like barbecues. It is an item which made with chicken. Restaurant is good place to have a barbie. I had a barbecue in January'15 last time.

I like BQQ I like meat BQQ my mom cook very yummmy i love BQQ

Yes. I like barbecues. You can cook sausages and steak. On the grass is a good place to have a barbecue. I had a barbecue in the summer.

I like barbecues so much. The taste is rich and spicy. The smell of smoke when you grill the meat. Kind of food that you can cook on a barbecue is sausage, octopus, corn, vegetables and meat, such as chicken, pork, lamp, fish, beef. You can eat BBQ with sauces. It tastes delicious. A good place to have a BBQ is in the garden. The last time I had a BBQ is 2 years ago, but I remember it clearly until now.

  •  what is barbecues?
Hi SwimmingEmerald80,
A barbecue is an outdoor meal or party. We cook the food (for example meat, fish or vegetables) over hot coals or on a fire.
Have you ever had a barbecue?

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yes..i love barbecues! I love to cook but I cant cook on a  grill.I can only cook sausage and salami on a B.B.Q.
the beach is the best place to have a barbie and the last time i had one was on my birthday 2 years ago.I am looking forward to having another one soon!!

I like the bbq a lot.  in a bbq we can eat differets foods like a meat, fish, sausage, vegetables. the better place to have a bbq is next to the pool or in a camping . i had a bbq last year.

 1. yes,i like barbecues . 2 . i  can cook chicken ,maize ,vegetable etc .3 .our drawing is a good place to have  a       bbq ! 4 .i ate barbecue in last year .