In the UK, 1 April is 'April Fool's Day'. This is a day when people play tricks on each other for fun. A trick is like a practical joke. Do you like playing tricks on people? Is there a similar day in your country? Tell us about a trick you have played on somebody!

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I like April fool Day

I like April Fools day. It is a funny day when you can do tricks. I fooled my parents in a very funny way.
In my class we have a rule that if you don't do as you shoud, you will get a red card. It is a papper their parent will sign on. and on that papper it says all the bad things you have done on that day.
I have never get red card so I asked my teacher if she will give me a card so I can show my parents on April Fools day and my teacher said ok. 

So on April Fools day I showed my parents the papper and they get very upset. At the end I told them to look back and their it stood "Fooled"

I love Playing Tricks To Them.....Hello My Name Is GoldFlamingoDentist.......I Play Tricks To Everyone......
Before The Fool Day I Remind All My Friends That Tomorrow Is A Fool Day.....
And Very Next Day.......I Start To Fool Them.....
I`ll Say What Is On Your Face It Is Something Sticky.......They Will Touch And See It......Then I`ll Say April
Fool.......Not OnlyOne Person But Many..........I`ll tell You One Joke About My Friend`s Other School Teacher.....
One Day They Were Trying To Fool Their Teacher......But The Teacher Told I`m Not Scared Or Fooled To
And They Got Angry.....They Tried To Fool But Finally They Gave Up......One Boy Never Gave Up....He Took A Real
Cockroach And Throwed It On Her And Said "Teacher cockroach Teacher......!! And She Rubbed Her Head And
The cockroach Fell Down And The Teacher Hair Became Messy......It`s Not A Fiction It`s A Real.......I Hope You
Believe Me Or Not....

  In my country, April fool's day is not a popular but I and my friend like it a lot. We trick each other a lot. I trick 10 people. But my teacher does not like it, I think, so she doesn't trick any body and doesn't make any body trick her. I hope she will be  funnier.

I dont like April fool day

 In my country we have this fool-day on first April, too!
This year i made a lot of jokes to all my friend, especially telephone-jokes,'cause I was at my best friend!
We called ourselfs THE 1st APRIL QUEENS!!!!
LOL, it was sooo funny...i love 1st april:-)

Hey I love April's Fool's day
Last April's Fool I tricked alot of people  It's sooooo funny to see their  face . But please dont think  I'am a mean girl ok ? I'm a girl

I like April's Fool's day, it's fun. In Brazil, this date is called "Lie Day"

I hate April Fools Day because I always get pranked and it is isn't fair because I am rubbish at pulling pranks!

Hi DuchessViolinT-shirt, the word "pranks" is new to me, could please explain it for me? Thanks!