Look at the school timetable then do the exercises to help you practise writing in English.


What subjects have you got at school? What after-school activities do you do?

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I study Math, P.E, I,T, English, Science, History, Geography, Literature.
After school I play soccer with my friends.

Hi my name is Nhi. I'm from VietNam. My English name is Natalie.
On Monday to Friday i learn Math. On Saturday and Sunday i play keyboard or drawing.

Hi my school timetable is this:
Sunday Monday Tuesday. Wednesday Turseday
Math Math. Math. Math. English
English. Bangla. Science. Computer. Moral education
Art. English. Bangla. English. Science
Science. History. Geography moral education Bangla

hi my name is Ema
my subjucts of school math , arabic , English and sport
and always after go back from school i play games with my sister and watch TV ,.

Hello, my name is Hay Mann Shwe. Currently, schools in my country, Myanmar are closed. So, I study at my home with my teacher.
On Monday, we study Maths, IT and English practice from British Council kids.
On Tuesday, we study English from school textbook, IT and English practice.
On Wednesday, we study Grammar, IT and English practice.
On Thursday, Friday and Saturday, we study the same like the other days.
But on Sunday, We don't do any school subjects, we just do IT and English practice.

Hello, my name is Eddie. I study a lot and I have seven classes almost every day from Monday to Thursday.
I have seven classes on Monday. They are English, Chinese, Math, Chinese, PE, Art and Art.
On Tuesday we have seven classes too. They are Chinese, Math, Music, English, Chinese, IV and PE.
On Wednesday we have seven classes too Chinese, PE, Chinese, English, Math, IV and IV.
On Thursday there are Chinese, English, Math, PE, Chinese, Math and IV.
On Friday we have six classes and have to study from 8:00 O'clock to 2:00 O'clock.
First class is Chinese, then we have Math, next Chinese again, after that English and finally, two IT classes.
My favorite subject is Chinese. I like it because I'm the top student in class. I also can ask some important questions in Chinese class and when I get the answer from my teacher, it makes me happy. My teacher says I'm good in class so it motivates me to keep studying hard.

Hi, my name is Erandi, I'm from Mexico, I'm studing to be a teacher, so I can help kids with their homeworks. My school timetable is; Science, lenguage, communicaiton.

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Hi !
I am mokshitha and I am from Hyderabad .I am studying in v class.My school subjects are English, science, mathematics, history, PET,karate,art,drawing. And I like science subject more .

My school subjects are : history, maths, geography, English, music, science
After school, sometimes I have a dance class, I read books, I play piano, or I have lessons of music theory