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When you recycle rubbish, you put it in a special container so it is used again.
'Do you recycle rubbish at home?'
'Yes, we recycle glass, plastic and paper.'
'So do we.'


What things do you recycle?

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Comment: I recycle batteries, paper and glass.

good short story!

We recycle only paper.

Rubbish, paper ah RECYCLE  yes of corse we put recycling things on a recycle container. 
Do you have any rubbish then give me i will put it in recycle container .If i wanna make paper swan then i don't have a paper Then i take it from recycle box .         EASY PEASY!!!!     

I've already studied about 'recycle' lesson at school  and I'm recycling to protect our environment. Let's recycle.

i can see the video too

Recycling is very important.If we don't recycle the plastics,papers and glasses;the global warming will increase and our world will be treeless

 Whats new I am in grade 5

i cant watch this video:( why?

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