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'Hick! Uh-oh, I've got hiccups!'
'I know how to stop hiccups. Just get a glass of water and drink it upside down.'
'I'll go and get some!'


Do you know a way to stop hiccups?

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 what does drink upside down means? 

 Dear Doctor Nightingale Pixie, 

"Drink Upside Down" means that you drink with your head bent over so it's  like you are standing upside down with your feet in the air and your head on the ground. 

Best Wishes, 

Professor Emerald Beach 
Learn English Kids Team

can we really drink like that? i think its hard!

word of the week hiccups

 when i have hiccups i get the glass of water and drink water. This cure me propely. So when you feel that you have hiccups you use my tips. you will be imeediately cure.

Hi SuperPlatinum1000,
That's a good question. The apostrophe ( ' ) shows possession.
e.g. Ana's cat = the cat belongs to Ana.
We use an apostrophe without s to show possession with plural nouns.
e.g. The girls' cat = the cat belongs to the girls.
(Exception: If a plural noun does not end in s we use 's e.g. The children's cat).

I hope that helps!
Best wishes,
LearnEnglish Kids team

I have question: What's the difference between Ana's and Anas' ?

My parents told me when someone has hiccups, someone else is mentioning you. 

In this week I had hiccups! (Strange!)

How long do hiccups stop???