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Giggle is another word for laugh.
'Stop giggling. It's not that funny.'
'I can't stop. It's so funny!'


Tell us about something that makes you giggle.

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 When i annoying to my sister or borhter i start giggling . Its good word for me . we should be giggling when some one make fun with some one. hahaha 

I like to make others giggle..

Nice word "giggle". Lol :D giggle :D

haha I like this word! I giggle now 

i am giggling now,,..,,.hahahahaha

I like giggle!!!!

 ha ha... i like giggling. i always giggle when i think a funny thing... and  i'm giggling now!that's funny. do you know why?coz,i'm going to annoy my sister later! and i've got a great idea!!! 

 i like to giggle

I like giggling

When i have happy thinking, i giggle!
P.S- dont mistake giggle with jiggles! Now i giggle!