Play some word games to learn and practise describing vocabulary.


Can you describe someone?

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I am very tall

Hello ! I like that. It is nice.

My brother is a little child and he´s beautiful he´s fit (no fat no thin) short ,clean .
He has straight, dark ,short hair.
He wears a blue with grey jacket a light brown pants and blue glasses.

My mother is tall, my father is fat and old, my sister is dirty, my brother is short and i am young. My English teacher is beautiful.

this is a horrible game how can you say that sonebody is ugly people come on!!!

This is not working.
Please help :(

Hi FriendlyForestFly,

I'm sorry to read that this game isn't working for you.

You could try to open it with a different browser, or you may need to update your Flash programme to play the game. Can you ask an adult to help you?


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