Santa and Amy have a bag full of presents, but who are they for? Help Santa and Amy deliver the children's presents in time for Christmas.

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Easy, easy game for me. Amy gives everyone a presents. I love this game. Make sure you can play this game very well. In some times, you will love this game slowly. So enjoy this game and have fun.

I love because I win.

I cannot play the games and I don't know why

Hi CrystalBraceletJewel,

Unfortunately some of our games don't work on mobile phones or tablets.

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hi redlily500

miss internet i cant play some games even if im using a computer

Hi QueenTambourineDrum,

Our fun games use the Flash programme. If your version of Flash is not up to date, the game may not work. Can you ask an adult to help you chek if you have the latest version of Flash installed on your computer?


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Very easy