Watch this video to see how singing in English can help your child to learn new words and improve their pronunciation.

Singing songs in English helps children to learn new words and improve their pronunciation. This video shows a mother helping her daughter sing along to a song called This is the way.

We have lots more traditional songs on our website for you to sing along to with your children.

You can also make a song book with your child, where your child can write, stick or illustrate their favourite songs. During English sessions with your child, let them choose a favourite song from their book to sing.


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Some of our songs are available for download. If you see 'download audio' under the orange box, you can right click and save the song on your computer.
For example, you can download the audio of the song Ten little aeroplanes:
Unfortunately our animated songs and stories are not available for download for copyright reasons.
On LearnEnglish Kids we have hundreds of free worksheets, song lyrics, flashcards and craft activites which you can download and print.
You just need to click where you see the words 'print an activity' etc. You can then right click and save the PDF file on your computer.
I hope that helps.

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LearnEnglish Kids team

I wan to download some of the important materials
Could you help me on this, if possible
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