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What's your favourite accessory? Why? Can you describe it?

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My favorite accsessory is my sunglasses. This is pink.

I like to wear sunglasses

I have three favourite accessories ; watch, hat, and sunglasses.

My favourite accessory is my bracelet . It is blue, green and silver . It's from Florida.

my favorite accsessory is the bag.

What’s your favourite accessory - mine is the scarf
Why - beaucouse is coloful
Can you describe it- yes I do
My description the scarf is coloful it hase pink and blue.
The scarf has some ligne in the tip of it.
It’ s beautiful .


My favourite accessory is a cap. I have fifteen different types of caps. My favourite cap is the black one with "Breck Tron Works". It looks stylish and i can rap wearing it.

I like the sunglasses

my favourite is sunglasses