Is it a good idea to give your real name on the internet? How can we stay safe online? Tell us your top online safety tips.

Your Turn: Internet safety
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Nice Info. Thx Guys

do not give your phone numberto anyone you dont knos

Here's some of my tips.

1) Don't chat with unknown people/person.
2) Only give phone number to somebody we know (relatives,friends,etc.)
3) Never open email that you don't know. It's can be attached virus by someone.
4) Never tell your username & password to anyone except your parents. Or you can take a note and write it for yourself.
5) Of course, don't open an unknown website. It can be dangerous.

I think that's my idea.
Your tips?


"I think it isn't good to give your real name in a website or in a social network. You're a good person to talk to, YoungFolkBunny. I like the mode you say the things - technically, I say them the same! So, when you want, you could talk to me and have a good chat with technical language!"
TurquoiseBirdBubble 4 you

Hi Everyone,
Sometimes in the class someone talk with his Facebook name and the password too and if they give you a name and password don't get the code . Please!!!!!
Best Wishes, KindGem9000

 I shouldn't  put  my number

Hello my friends.sorry some of them my Sentence are false!
1.Don't speak to the bad pepole
2.Don't get phone number to stranger
3.Don't show pictures to pepole
good bye♥

 It is good to have Internet in our houses but: do intrenet safety?
A lot of people ask this questions and a lot of people use internet don't  safety too. They tell their names to other people. Some of these people good but some bad. They will do something that don't good to do. But we can smile because there are a lot of pages we can searcg and share.

Everyone,it"s agood idea!
I know everyone is in threat!
Its the top result of using too much personal documents.
dont  give the personal identifis
dont  chat with people you don,t  know.
use only trusted networks only.
use  the only thing you trust on internet.
use  kids websites in adult supervision.
dont  sign up any network club,unless parents/caregivers permission.
dont bully anyone,because it will take us to dangers.
dont  even accept friend requests.
dont share secret details.a
and dont  keep  friendship with anyone you dont know.