Is it a good idea to give your real name on the internet? How can we stay safe online? Tell us your top online safety tips.

Your Turn: Internet safety
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i like internet lllllloooovvvvveeee

my parents won't allow to use internet alone without parental guidance . internet is rated as parental guidance (PG) . so every one i hope you got information. and i can only play games and learning English Kids British council.

These are some of the tips i follow while using the internet.
1. Never share your personal information such as your name, passwords, email, school, your real full name ect.
2. Do not download any app or a computer game without a parent's permission.
3. Do not use social media such as facebook, twitter and google+ without a parent's permisssion. not respond to an unknown person.
5. Do not open a website you do not know.

but i used all website!

play safe,be safe and have fun

Hi everyone ! I never using Facebook but my mom always tells me that

we should not use our real name. my mom also tells that we should only use facebook or twitter only when our parents are beside us. who are you miss internet earth?

Hello SilverDinosaurBunny,

That is good advice about not using your real name and only going online with your parents. MissInternetEarth is one of the adults who works on the LearnEnglish Kids website. She is on holiday this week so I am looking after the comments for a few days.

Best wishes
LearnEnglish Kids team 

1)youtube 2)vk 3)microsoft store

Do you have Facebook, twitter... Not me, l don't like it. l even haven't got lnstagram. l don't want. How about you? YellowFluteCat