Watch Sam and Pam have fun at sports day with Tess and Ben. Can you hear the words which end in 'ing', 'ed' and 'ly'?


There were lots of words which end in 'ing', 'ed' and 'ly' in this story. What was your favourite word? Do you know any other words which end in 'ing', 'ed' and 'ly'? Write a comment and tell us!

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The video was great and the game was very very very funny!!!

It was a great video

In school, we won many trophies against many schools . Have your school won trophies?

i only get one wrong.YAY!!!

I like this game. It's funny.

i like sport

This one is really bad, and slow

I love sport Day

thank you

Hello everyone, I love sports day in the school. Do you love spots day in the school like me too ? I am in the flat race in the school. But I am in the third in so back in 2018. This time I will do my best race and I will get first at 2019. That you have to study, eat green vegetable and practice running then you will get first. My sports day is in November 1. What is your months and date in your sports day in the school ? So kids I love about the sports day game. It is very nice game. It is a balloon burst game. I love it. good bye everyone.