Listen to a song about a naughty turkey called Trouble.

Song and animation by Cambridge English Online
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Do you have a pet? Does it ever do naughty things? 

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ia have turtle his name is dhira she lick eppel

I'm Veronica. I live in United Kingdom but I'm from Poland. I'm 10 and for Chrismas we don't eat Turkey!

 Yes? but you eat what?

 I like this song. It`s so funny :))

 Trouble is very very very TROUBLE!!!:)
On Christmas Day I eat christmas cake and cookies with milk:)
I like this song:)

Yummy yummy

This song makes my mouth    water   like mad.   

This song is funny and the roast turkey that they imagine looks good

 hello ım from turkey but he want to  live haahahaa 10 butt

tottaly loved it!