Listen to a song about looking after your teeth.

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Do you know how to look after your teeth? What should and shouldn't you do?

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Miss Lucky Mouse (website editor)

I like this song,I'm going to brush my teeth before going to bed with my red and gray dinosaurs toothbrush and my toothpaste is white and minty.
I've got a woobly tooth at the bottom,it's a bit painful and I'm a bit's my first one and I'll be 7 soon!!!!!

This song is lovely and very funny too
So everyone brush your  teeth  properly 

 It's nice and funny. It makes us to brush our teeth.

nice song, but there are many words that I still don't know

I like this song because we will be healthy when we will be older.

This song will help us to keep clean our teeth. l like it.

I like this song