Listen to a song about looking after your teeth.

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Do you know how to look after your teeth? What should and shouldn't you do?

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I like the tooth family


  • How often do you brush your teeth?2 times a day
  • What colour is your toothbrush? light blue
  • What flavour is your toothpaste?mmm...menthol:D
  • Have any of your teeth fallen out?of course ,,,I'm 13 so all my first teeth have fallen out..;)
  • If so, how old were you when your first tooth fell out?I was 5-6  years old

I have a blue toothbrush and I use a neem flavoured toothpaste. Six of my teeth have fallen out and grown too... Lucky me! tee tee teeeeeth!

Very good song!

my teeth are very white and bright.My toothbrush is pink.I clean my teeth 2 a day and I was 4 when I lost my first tooth.

Ups, I have two teeth out! When are they going to appear??? 


 So funny!

I like the Tooth Family.@,@

Monday, my 1st tooth fell was so painful, but my little brother gave me my favourite toy.
Then at night I brush my teeth and put my tooth under my pillow .
The next day the tooth fairy did come! And a hundred dollar note too!
Tell us what colour is your toothbrush?Pink
How often do you brush your teeth ? two times a day
What flavor is your tooth paste?orange
Have any tooth fall out?If so,how old did your first tooth fall? Yes,it fell out when I was  seven years old.
Keep writing about your tooth!
Keepyour teeth healthy!
@,@ FROM:MissPharoahLarva