Practise the seasons and months of the year with this song about New Year.

Song and lyrics © Dave Holmes; Animation by Cambridge English Online
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What's your favourite month of the year? Why do you like it?

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 niceee song

that was cool

my favourite month is June.Because it's my birthday...

it so cool

it's a wonderful wonderful wonderful song

hi ı'm turkısh ı'm ten years old . Do we talk to each other can write on this site????????

I like all the months. And, this song is just awesome !

Hello My favorite month is Jaunary and December Why not?

my favourite month is may and july......... because its my sister's b'day and in july its my b'day!!!

 Miss Lucky Mouse (website editor) ,
who can you sing this song?
you have sing this song with very dave..... what is his name miss lucky mouse?