Listen to a traditional song about the things that we do in the morning.

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I get up at 5.00 in the morning and brush my teeth, wash my face and take a body wash then have my breakfast and then dress my uniform and go to school.

I clean my face.

I'm clean my room for mom, and clean my desk.
also I'm throw trash into a trash can.
sometime, I make my dinner and wash the dishes.
and this is a few time, I plant of my plants.

ı brush my teeth every morning!

 ı do not do all every mornınnot lıke mornıngg ı do 

In the morning I wash my face and hands, then I brush my teeth and have my breakfast. After that I dress and go to school.

i do brush
comb my hair.
put on uniform.
take breakfast n go to school.